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Are Credit Unions for Everyone

Are Credit Unions for Everyone

Are credit unions for everyone? The short answer is yes. Virtually anybody can use a credit union. Credit unions provide the same services as banks, so you can apply for a loan, get a checking account, use an ATM, and more.

However, if you're new to the idea of credit unions, you may have questions about membership. Credit unions have a major difference that sets them apart from banks: they're nonprofit organizations. As such, they're owned by their members, and those members usually share some key factor in common with one another.

Don't Let Membership Requirements Scare You

Some people think that they can't use a credit union because of the membership requirements, but the truth is that getting into a credit union is easier than a lot of people realize. Most credit unions are based on either occupation or location. You might find credit unions for nurses, for instance, or credit unions for people in the southeast region.

A few credit unions fall outside of this scope. Some, for example, are for veterans, students, Greek club members, and other life circumstance categories.

In any case, don't get discouraged by membership requirements. There's no test or secret initiation ceremony that you'll have to pass before joining. You'll just need to find a credit union that serves people in your demographic, whatever that demographic may be. There's at least one piece of your lifestyle or background that qualifies you for a credit union membership.

Why Choose a Credit Union?

Of course, credit union membership is more complicated than just using a bank, so why do so many prefer credit unions in the first place?

People have lots of reasons. One of them is that their membership can help them get what they need most from a financial institution. Think about a teacher's credit union, for example. This kind of credit union may have a rewards program for school supplies. Credit unions exist to serve their members, so they stay in tune with what their members need.

Also, since credit unions are nonprofit, they're not trying to make money off of their members. As a result, they often provide better interest rates, lower overall costs, and simpler loan qualifications.

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