Bundlefi | Looking for Free Checking?

Looking for Free Checking?

Looking for Free Checking?

Everybody wants to save money these days, and every dollar counts. That’s why people are looking for ways to save money on all the small, day-to-day stuff. One of the best ways to save daily is to take a look at your checking account. Are you paying fees just to access your own money at one of those big banks? What about ATM fees? It doesn’t have to be that way. Bundlefi offers free checking accounts, making it easy to find your nearest provider.

Free Means Free

With Bundlefi, you get a truly free checking account. It’s not free with an asterisk. It’s just free. First and most importantly, Bundlefi provides access to checking accounts with no monthly maintenance fees. Take a minute to do some quick math. How much money are you spending every month on your current checking account? You don’t have to spend that money. With free checking accounts powered by Kasasa, you can keep that money exactly where it belongs: in your account. Free checking accounts also offer refunds on ATM fees, so you can always access cash when you need it. With no hidden fees from a local community bank, free always means free.

Choose Your Rewards

As if free checking wasn’t enough, a number of the offers available thorugh Bundlefi offer rewards for those who qualify. Use your account enough, and you’ll be eligible for those rewards. You even get to choose how you want to be rewarded. If you choose cash-back rewards, then you can earn money on the things that you buy every day. Choose high-interest rates, and your checking account will come with interest just like your savings account does. You can also choose to be rewarded in points that you can use for online shopping.

Community Banks and Credit Unions

Bundlefi offers an online search to find free checking accounts at community banks and credit unions. You won’t find these options in a megabank. Bundlefi works directly with Kasasa who empowers small banks and credit unions to keep impacting their communities for the better.

Partnership With Bundlefi

Kasasa has partnered with Bundlefi to connect you with the free checking account you deserve. When you get your free checking account, it should be through the bank that will meet your needs best. Thanks to Kasasa and Bundlefi, you can find the ideal bank for your account. Check out Bundlefi to start comparing banks and credit unions. When you find your bank through Bundlefi, you can find your free checking account while helping a local bank invest in your community. This way, everybody wins.