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Get Personal with Community Banking

Not too long ago there was this hit sitcom with a theme song titled, “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.” Cheers with its Sam and Diane might be before your time, but the community concept holds strong throughout the ages. Would you like to walk into a bank and be able to sing that tune knowing that everyone did know your name? This is the essence of the personal connection that community banking provides. You have a banking family who is there to support your financial future. Find out just how personal your community banking can be and discover the difference that local banking can make in your life.


With You From the Start

If you are just starting out in adulthood, one of the most important steps you need to make is choosing a bank. You’ll need a checking account and savings account to start with, but pretty soon you will be ready to get a personal loan for a car, tuition, or an emergency situation. You might need a banker at your side to help you get a startup loan to cover the expenses of your new business. After that, you will be looking for a mortgage loan to help you buy your very first home, and then a retirement fund to help cover your expenses in your golden years.

Would you love to be able to go to the same bank each and every time you need to handle your banking needs? Better yet, what if you could use the same teller, customer service representative, and loan officer each time you went to your bank?

This is how community banking gets on a personal level, by making human connections between bank employees and customers. These banking individuals will know more than just your name. They’ll know your dog’s name, the school where your children go to, how your grandmother is doing…they will know you on a personal level. Mega banks come and go, and they certainly do not offer any personalized connection to customers.

Welcome Home to Local Banks

A local bank offers more than just trademark personal service. A community bank branch becomes a welcoming place for you to go when you need to do your banking. Whether you are coming in to make a deposit or you want to set up a line of credit for your small business, you feel at ease the moment you walk in the door.

This is one of the reasons people love a small town atmosphere, as the physical locations including local banks become second homes to them. You can walk in after a long day and be greeted with a comfortable lobby where you get free coffee and maybe a homemade cookie from the customer service rep.

Or maybe your bank offers popcorn, which is a traditional treat that community banks often give out to customers. Then when you do your business you might walk away with some sweet swag from the bank, such as a branded coffee cup or a set of golf balls. Banks know just how to make you feel like you are coming home every time you step through the door.

Personal Satisfaction Scores for Local Banks

All of these personal connections and welcoming spaces give community banks top prize for personal satisfaction scores. According to Bankrate personalized service helped community banks achieve high praise for consumers for personal satisfaction. In other words, all of this extra effort to make local banks warm and inviting has paid off in dividends.

As a result, locals want to help keep their community banks intact and they aren’t the only ones. Ben S. Bernanke said, “Given the important role that community banks play in their local economies, we at the Federal Reserve are keenly interested in their health and their collective future. Local communities, ranging from small towns to urban neighborhoods, are the formation of the US economy and communities need community banks to help them grow and prosper.”

Community banks are an integral part of local economies, and they are doing their part by offering localized personal service. If you want to help your community thrive and become a bustling economic scene, then open up a checking account with your local bank. If it has been years since you walked into your neighborhood bank, or you’ve never stepped foot inside, it’s time to give your local bank a go. Do it for your community, and then you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get back to banking locally.

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