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How to Open an Online Bank Account

How to Open an Online Bank Account

Life gets busy, which is why we love anything that can make our lives more convenient. Online banking is one of those things. More people than ever have stepped away from brick-and-mortar banks in favor of fully online options.

With online banking, you can take all of your banking on the go, and you may even save some money in the process. Plus, getting started is fairly simple. Here's what you need to know.

Choose the Right Bank

The huge demand for online banking means that you have an overwhelming number of banks to choose from. Where do you start? First of all, think about what you need most from your bank. No-fee checking accounts? Savings programs for students? Great interest rates?

Start with those needs, and then compare banks to see which ones meet those needs best. By keeping your needs at the top of your list, you can narrow your list of possibilities quickly and avoid getting in over your head with all of the options out there.

If you use Bundlefi, you can compare several online banks in one centralized location, so you don't have to click between multiple tabs to see which options will work for you. This is another great way to avoid being overwhelmed and to choose the best bank for your purposes.

Know Your Information and Complete Your Application

Once you've chosen your bank, you'll need some information to open your account. That information includes your full name, date of birth, contact information, and Social Security number. You may also need something to prove your address, such as a recent bill. Finally, make sure that you have your ID within reach.

Now all that's left is to sign up. In most cases, you should be able to complete this process digitally. Just fill out the required information, send any necessary documents, and press "submit."

Choosing Your Online Bank? Bundlefi Makes It Simple

If you're still stuck on step one, Bundlefi is here to make your life easier. We have a database of banking options, including online banks, that provide great alternatives to big, impersonal banks with hidden fees and so-so interest rates. Take a look at Bundlefi and search for banks based on what you need most. Individuals and businesses alike use Bundlefi to connect with the right financial institution. With Bundlefi, you can compare your best banking options and choose your bank with confidence.