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What is Required to Get a Personal Loan?

What is Required to Get a Personal Loan?

Whether you’re making a major purchase, paying for a big repair, or have another significant financial need, getting a personal loan can seem complex. If you’re applying for a loan for the first time, then you might feel a little overwhelmed before you get started. It helps to know what you’ll need during the loan application process. Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

Loan Source Research

First, understand that you have options when it comes to your personal loan source. Don’t just choose the first loan option you find because it seems easy. You’ll want to compare rates first. Some loan sources, like megabanks and lending stores, can have high interest rates. They get a lot of attention because they’ve made a big name for themselves, but they aren’t your only options. Take a look at small local banks and credit unions, too. These places generally offer better interest rates.

Credit Score Information

Next, know that the bank or credit union you choose will check your credit score when you submit an application. Your credit score will help the institution decide the terms of your loan and even whether or not they should approve you.

Again, it helps to go straight to community banks and credit unions. While these places do still emphasize credit score, they also tend to see their applicants as more than just a number, and they’ll take other factors into consideration.

Paperwork and Proof of Identity

When you apply for your personal loan, pay attention to what the application requires. Lenders will generally need to see proof of identity, contact information, proof of address, and income verification.

If you’re not sure what your lender needs for you to apply, then you shouldn’t hesitate to ask. When you know what you need from the start, you can save a lot of time for yourself.

We Can Help You Get Started

Many loan seekers aren’t quite sure how to get started. We can help make the process easier. With Bundlefi, you can compare lenders side by side. We connect our clients with community banks and credit unions so that they don’t have to rely on oversized, overcomplicated megabanks.

Take a look at Bundlefi now to start comparing your lending options and find the loan that will work best for you. When you have choices, you can take more control over your own financial life.