Bundlefi | What We Know About Community Bank Checking Accounts Will Shock You

What We Know About Community Bank Checking Accounts Will Shock You

What We Know About Community Bank Checking Accounts Will Shock You

Think you know everything there is to know about community bank checking accounts? We beg to differ. As a matter of fact, there’s probably a lot that you don’t know about community bank checking accounts. At Bundlefi, we have an in-depth perspective on community banks, credit unions, and the services they offer. Here are some of the things we’ve learned about community bank checking accounts.

They Don’t Harm Your Community

First and most importantly, community bank checking accounts won’t harm your local community. Does that mean that other options can cause harm? Unfortunately, yes. Big banks can hurt local communities. They do to community banks what big box stores do to small businesses. They take jobs away from community members and force people to go out of business. They don’t provide personalized service, and they don’t always treat their employees with the respect and dignity that they deserve. To make matters even worse, big banks aren’t the only ones hurting your community with fee-based checking accounts. Did you know that Amazon is planning to offer checking accounts, too? Checking accounts aren’t just offered by banks anymore, and that means community banks - and community members - will suffer.

They’re Just as Convenient as Big Bank Accounts

With all the harm that they cause, why are big bank checking accounts so popular? Is it because of the convenience that they provide? As it turns out, community bank checking accounts are just as convenient these days as big bank checking accounts. With a community bank checking account, you still get access to apps, ATMs, rewards, and more. Current technology means that community banks can provide all the financial services that you need.

Some Checking Accounts Can Earn Interest

Did you know that you may be able to earn interest on a checking account? Interest isn’t just for savings anymore. Some community banks provide interest-based checking. Make sure that you compare your options to get the right checking account for your needs.

Compare Account Options With Bundlefi

When you want a simple way to choose between checking accounts, Bundlefi is here to help. We have an easy comparison tool that lets you find your perfect community bank or credit union. Are you tired of major banks and their monopoly? Then let Bundlefi help you find a better option. Check out Bundlefi today to find your perfect checking account.