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When Should A Business Get A Loan?

When Should A Business Get A Loan?

Should your business get a loan? Is it the right time, or should you wait? Are you seeking a loan for the right reasons? Plenty of business owners, especially small business owners, ask themselves these questions all the time. Some business owners don’t want to take on debt unless it’s absolutely necessary. However, sometimes a loan is the best course of action. Here are the most common reasons for getting a business loan.

Getting Started

Most new business owners will invest a lot of their own money into their new businesses. However, even with some starting capital, some business owners still need a loan to get a new company off the ground.

New Equipment

New equipment is often a great investment, but it can cost a lot of money upfront. Some businesses will get a lot of return on their equipment investment, but they can’t see that return until they find a way to finance the equipment. For those businesses, equipment financing can make a difference. These loans often have smaller interest rates than traditional loans, too.


Businesses need inventory to make a sale. They also need sales money to restock inventory. Without the option of a loan, business owners can get stuck in a chicken-and-egg situation that won’t yield any profit. A short-term loan can help these owners restock their inventory so that they can continue making sales.

Cash Flow

Sometimes, businesses need loans to establish a short-term cash flow. These loans work best for seasonal businesses. Some businesses have a lot of cash flow over the summer but slow down once winter arrives. In that case, a loan over the winter can help these businesses pay their employees and keep the business running until the more lucrative seasons arrive.


For those who are ready to expand their business, loans may be essential. When a business needs to buy a larger building, add more inventory, or move to a bigger city, a loan can help them start the process. Again, all these changes can bring a great ROI, but the business owners have to be able to make their purchases first.


For small businesses that need a loan, sometimes the big banks aren’t the best sources. However, community banks and credit unions can make perfect resources. For businesses that want to connect to a community financial organization, BundleFi can help. At BundleFi, we connect small businesses with the right resources. Contact us today to get started.