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Why is a community bank or credit union the perfect choice for your business checking account?

Credit unions and community banks are, almost by definition, local small business friendly. CFIs (community financial institutions, a blanket term for credit unions and community banks) are ideal for your business checking account, not just because checking fees and loan rates are typically much lower. Saving money is crucial for any business, but CFIs also offer more personalized service, which can streamline, simplify and remove stress from the banking experience for commercial customers. Affordable, customized banking services, which only local CFIs offer, are essential for smooth financial transactions, like commercial loans or credit lines, and for your (heavily used daily) business checking account as well.

Get the Best Business Checking Account: Choose the Bank that Understands You

Community banks and credit unions differentiate themselves from run-of-the-mill big banks by making it their business to understand you and your business. These institutions are experts in banking services and products for the dominant (and also for niche) local industries. At mega commercial banks, account requirements, operational practices and decision-making are much the same across the country, and for all business customers. Also, mega banks focus on profit, while small, local banks support community building. 

Business Checking Fees Add Up: Save at a Community Financial institution (CFI)

Credit unions and community banks, where businesses typically get a much better deal on fees for business checking accounts. Your business checking account may require many daily transactions, each of which could trigger a big fee at a mega national bank. With so much activity, even a small savings for each deposit (or check you send out) can make a big difference in your operating costs. You may find that CFIs are more flexible about minimum balances than large banks, which allows small businesses with cash flow challenges to establish accounts. 

At Bundlefi, we make it simple to find the best community bank or credit union for your business checking account and other financial needs.